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Cooking is a passion since I’m young, and the dream of opening my own restaurant came true the day my banker gave me a big “Yes!”. Since then, I do what I love and I love what I do. I push the line even further writing this blog, because I want everybody to know that it's easy to cook, and that a good dish can make a world of difference and bring happiness to ourselves and those around us!

I sincerely hope that you'll like the content I already create for this blog. I've many projects for this website, and everything I do is for you; for example, I'm currently making some photoshoot to be ableto post later many different pictures to illustrate my articles. I'm also looking for creating partnership with other blog to organise event, and with kitchen brands to offer you some discount code! But shush, that's a secret!

My father was a confectioner and my mother cooker, it is thus from there that my passion is born. My father is Indian and my mother is Italian. The mixture of culture was rather improbable for my grandparents which did not very agree of this union because for them to ally both cultures would have been too difficult due to their differences.

I adore these two culture even if I rather learnt to cook the Indian dishes rather than Italian. According to me the kitchen moves closer everybody, it is good around a meal that one place the most beautiful memories. Any quarrels stop around the table, because it sure is difficult to quarrel with full mouth!.

Stay tuned to see all of this on the blog!




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